Press - Tiger Camera 2015

Tiger Camera invites photographers to explore theme of “borders” in international photo competition 

For the fourth-year in a row, Tiger Camera is inviting photographers to take part in an international photo competition that last year attracted 5000 talented participants from 68 countries. This year’s theme is “borders.”

Tiger Camera is once again giving photographers the world over an opportunity to win an international photo competition, which will run from June 1 through July 1. Tiger Camera is looking for personal, creative, and inspiring interpretations of “borders.” Where does the border lie? Is it inside us or out? Shall we move it, or cross it? Does it inhibit us or set us free? Do we create borders in our own hearts or do others create them on a map?

This year’s jury consists of the Danish photographer
Kenneth Nguyen, the English street artist David Shillinglaw, the Japanese visual artist Misaki Kawai, the English artist Matt Scutt, the German photographer Jörg Nicht and the Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt.

The first Tiger Camera photo competition took place in 2012 with the theme of “
movements,” the following year was “connections” and in 2014, it was “family.” Carlos Riis-Hansen, project manager at Tiger Camera says this about this year’s competition:

“Photography possesses a universal language that communicates across language barriers and borders. Last year we had participants from 68 countries, which gave us a many-faceted picture of how different people think and look at the world. We live in a visual culture, and Tiger Camera wants to contribute to furthering people’s opportunity to be heard in an international context. We also want to be a part of helping people to realize their dreams of being practising photographers by providing a platform where skilled professionals can assess their work. It’s going to be incredibly exciting to follow what’s sent in this year.”

The winner of this year’s competition will win a trip to Japan worth DKK 35,000 (approximately €4,700 or $ 5,200) and the 50 best pictures will be published in a photo book that will be sold in 26 countries for DKK 50 (€7 or $8). The pictures will also be displayed at Tiger Spot in Denmark, Italy and Japan. Tiger Spilbar is a social bar where guests can play ping pong and board games and enjoy themselves with friends.

Last year Spanish Fernando Páez won the contest with his picture “Inheritance 01.”

inheritance 01

Fernando Páez says this about the competition:

”I’d just eaten lunch when I heard I’d won Tiger Camera 2014, and I can say without a doubt that it was the best dessert I’ve ever had in my life. Winning is a moral boost and gave me an inspiration of optimism about continuing to take photos and to explore my artistic side.”

Over the last years, Tiger has focused on expanding a long list of cultural projects. For example, Tiger collaborated with the National Gallery of Denmark and the Danish Charlottenborg exhibition hall on attracting more guests and most recently published an art book with Yoko Ono. Tiger wants to make art and culture widely available and make it easier to spread familiarity with art. Tiger wants Tiger Camera to disseminate the work of the many talented photographers that are out there, and get people thinking about the world around us.

Tiger Camera’s photo competition is open to everyone, and there are no requirements for the format of the pictures.

The pictures should be uploaded to, and there is a maximum of three photos per entrant. The jury will choose the winner and the 50 pictures that will be published in the book in July.

For interviews, questions, and so on, don’t hesitate to contact me: For Tiger Camera + 45 31310121