First Prize Winner

  • He loves me not

    Emily Bhantoo

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The 50 Winner Photos

  • Caution sheep!

    Maria Steinsson

  • Moving Landscapes #2

    Jeanette Land Schou

  • Air

    Alice Magistri

  • sliding in silence

    berit stubkjaer

  • Trampoline

    Melanie Knutzen

  • just married

    Andrea Bagnasco

  • breakfast with Frida

    Toma Chernoby

  • I will not melt in this weather

    Sigga J Jonsdottir

  • Dream

    Filio Stamatopoulou

  • A slow night

    Christian Lyngby Blaabjerg

  • Feathers and one wind

    Sólveig Lára Gautadóttir

  • The captain

    Giannis Galiouris

  • Out of the tunnel

    Helen Olympiou

  • Elegy for summer

    Gabrielė Marija Jusevičiūtė

  • Breakfast

    Martin Sølyst

  • She is broken

    Laura Callsen

  • Panorama of Warsaw

    Filip Dowjat

  • alice in wonderland

    enida turkeshi

  • behind the scene

    Eduards Zarins

  • On and on until you're empty again.

    margrét unnur guðmundsdóttir

  • Running Girl; Red Hot Pokers and Cone

    J Mark Dodds

  • The cat goes round and round

    Fiammetta Costantini

  • Cats in the snow

    Rie Pors

  • Ponytail in movement

    Lena Johansen

  • Waiting for my ride

    Thomas Frost Jensen

  • fighting rage


  • Flying in Tivoli

    Irene Arveson


    Charlotte Paridon

  • My granddaughter Liv Sumin

    Mette Lyngdorf

  • Ho visto Nina volare

    elena consoli

  • Playground

    Bertram Müller

  • Jumping. Catching.

    Linnea Vestre

  • Flash Flame

    Hannah Traynor

  • the child and the gutter

    Umberto Verdoliva

  • Happy new year

    Chris Kofod

  • Ghana, the love movement part II

    Frederik Arhøj

  • Airborn

    Daniel Wiersma

  • Anywhere

    Tanja Lund


    Stefano Fiorina

  • ScarySkinShake

    Kathi Haas

  • aesthetic movement

    Linda Funder

  • I don't exist

    Silvia Rossi

  • Ghost

    Lucy Brown



  • Breeze

    Miguel Fernández-Clemente Ros

  • Cats Gymnastic

    Jens Brink

  • Happy for Freedom

    Sophia Drakopoulou

  • her purse

    Adrian Wilson