Tiger Camera Entry Rules

Q. Who qualifies?

A. The contest is open to everyone, whether professional or amateur and regardless of nationality, age or gender. Only those employed by Tiger/Zebra HQ in the Marketing department are prohibited from participating. (Those under 18 years of age may participate with the permission of a parent or guardian.)


Q. Is there an entry fee?


A. Entry is free of charge.

Q. Why does it say that my photo is too small?

A. Please make sure you have followed our image requirements stated in the web form before submitting the images.

Q. When is the last day I can participate?

A. You can participate latest on July 1st 2015.

Q. I understand that previously published works will not be accepted, but what about pictures that have appeared on the web?

A. You can submit works that have previously been uploaded to personal albums online or that have been posted to your personal website for non-
commercial purposes.

Q. Will submissions be returned? Who has the rights to the photos?

A. No, submitted photographs or any data files will not be returned. Zebra has the rights to publish and use the photos for further materials, in case they are
chosen by the jury.

Q. Will I be notified when my submission is received?

A. Entrants are not notified when their submissions are received; however, you can check the status of your submission from your web entry form by logging
into your account on www.tigercamera.com.


Announcement of Winner(s)

Q. When and how are the winners announced?

A. The organizer will contact the winners via E-mail at their registered E-mail addresses by early August 2015. We also plan to announce the winners and winning entries on the Tiger Camera 2015 website (http://www.tiger-camera.com) by end of August 2015.

Q. Who chooses the winner?

A. The winner is chosen by an official jury.

Entering the Contest

Q. How many photos can I submit?

A. You can submit up to a total of three photos.

Q. Can I submit the same photos three times?


A. No, you cannot submit the same photo more than once.

Q. Can I enter multiple times?

A. You can enter multiple times as long as you do not exceed the number of photos allowed (three). No further submissions will be accepted from entrants who have reached this number.

Q. I think a picture I took after I entered the contest is better than my original submission. Can I cancel my previous entry and submit the new work in its place?

A. Yes, you can cancel the submission and re-submit the work during the entry period.

Q. Can I E-mail my submissions directly to Tiger or Zebra AS?

A. No. Entries can only be submitted via this website. Note that files sent in error to other locations will not be accepted and that you will not be sent notification concerning their receipt.

Q. What happens if I forget to fill out a field in the entry form?

A. You will not be able to submit the entry form until all required items have been filled out. If you overlook a required field, a message will be displayed. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form.

Q. What happens if data are lost or corrupted during upload?

A. Tiger/Zebra AS accepts no responsibility for loss of data during upload. Be sure to back up the data before entering the contest.

Q. Can I submit my entry on a CD or other physical media?

A. No. Entries are accepted only via the Internet.

Q. I'm having problems uploading data.

A. Try reading the instructions on the entry form again. If you are unable to resolve the problem after reading the instructions, send an E-mail inquiry to hello@tigercamera.com