Tiger Camera 2015

Family Traits

Lend us your eyes!


We want to look at the world through them, if only for a moment. We want to share the way the world looks through your eyes with other people – who look at the world in their own ways, through their own eyes. And we want to give you a chance to look at the world through their eyes.

That’s the essence of Tiger Camera.


A place to share visions

Tiger Camera began in 2012 as a place for people from all over the world to share their visions in the form of photographs of the things they love – the things they find beautiful, meaningful and important. Every year we run a competition that’s open to absolutely anyone who can pick a camera and take a picture.

This year’s competition – Borders

This year, Tiger Camera is looking for personal, creative, and inspiring interpretations of the theme Borders: Where does the border lie? Is it inside us or out? Shall we move it, or cross it? Does it inhibit us or set us free? Do we create borders in our own hearts or do others create them on a map?

An eye-opening prize

The competition is judged by an internationally acclaimed jury, which changes every year. And the winner receives a valuable –eye opening – prize. This year it’s a trip to Japan! Plus his or her photograph is published along with the 50 best pictures in a photo book that’s sold in Tiger stores the world over.

Come join us!

If you’d like to take part in this year’s competition – and we really hope you will – you can read about the details in our FAQ, and you can enter the competition on our sign-up page.

We’re part of Tiger

Tiger Camera is a part of Tiger, a Danish design store with a quirky, ever-changing selection of own-designed and branded products at surprisingly affordable prices – right now there are more than 450 Tiger stores in Europe, North America and Japan – and we just might be opening a store near you sometime soon.